Monday, 2 March 2015

The Advantages of Reactive Maintenance for Your Business

With any business premises, there will be many times when problems will arise and repairs and maintenance will be needed. It may be that a few cosmetic fixes may be required, or in other cases, big problems could occur preventing the smooth running of a business. With this in mind, it’s essential for businesses to have solid maintenance plans put in place. For some businesses, a pre-planned maintenance system may need to be put in place, however, this can be expensive and require a lot of resources.

For many small businesses without permanent maintenance staff, there are a number of advantages to hiring reactive maintenance services from a London handyman, most of all the cost:

Initial cost – One of the biggest and most popular advantages of relying on a reactive maintenance system from a maintenance firm is that the initial cost involved will be little if anything. If you do not require any maintenance work initially, there may be no costs until there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Whereas a pre-planned maintenance system would usually require considerable investment in pre-planning, setting up systems and procedures, setting up a reactive maintenance service is simple. Other than ensuring that there is a point of contact to get in touch with a handyman quickly, there is little to do to begin a reactive maintenance operation.

Reduced maintenance costs – With most reactive maintenance services, you will only have to pay for the services you receive. If systems such as heating and cooling installations are only maintained when they fail, this can cut out the cost of regular maintenance, which can be a very beneficial to small businesses. In the case of other work such as carpentry, joiner, plastering, painting and decorating, this can be dealt with as it is required, rather than all at once, cutting down costs considerably in many cases.

Why hire a reactive maintenance company?

If your business doesn’t have the resources to deal with reactive maintenance in house, it is important to turn to the services of an experience reactive maintenance team. In most cases, maintenance companies are made up of teams of extremely experienced tradesmen with skill and knowledge in a wide variety of areas, for example:

  •          Heating and cooling systems maintenance and repair
  •          Carpentry and joinery
  •          Plastering, painting and decorating services
  •          Flooring systems
  •           Fencing
  •           Pressure washing and graffiti removal

By arranging to work with a reactive maintenance company, you can be sure that problems will be fixed properly, allowing you to gain the peace of mind that you will be less likely to face the same problems on a regular basis. In many cases, reactive maintenance companies can work at a time to suit you, ensuring that your business suffers from minimal disruption. In some cases a problem may need to be fixed immediately so that normal business can continue, however, on most occasions, it is more likely that work can wait and a maintenance team will simply complete the work required at a suitable time.

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