Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Replacing an Office Walkway with New Anti-Slip Decking

At Maintainabuild we are well equipped to carry out a wide range of maintenance, interior fit-out, refurbishment and general handy manservices throughout London. Our team are highly experienced in working on all kinds of projects, from fixing a few small issues, to complete refurbishments, indoors and outdoors. We regularly undertaken projects to renovate the outside of office properties in order to ensure all entrances, exits and walkways not only look great, but are safe and accessible for all pedestrians.

For one of our clients, we were recently asked to provide 190 metres squared of brand new anti-slip decking walkway to replace the old wooden decking. As well as working to ensure safety for all pedestrians on this risen walkway, particularly during wetter weather, we also replaced traditional screws and fixings with a hidden deck fastening system. By fastening all decking underneath, we were able to massively improve the aesthetic appearance of the walkway.

The old decking was fitted with anti-slip strips to help increase safety in wetter weather, however, by adding these strips, the natural wood appearance of the walkway was affected. By using a new anti-slip decking system, we were able to remove the need for anti-slip strips, leaving a much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At Maintainabuild, we always do everything we can to avoid disrupting business for our clients. As this walkway provides the only way of access into our client’s offices, it was important that we found a solution to make the important changes without preventing pedestrians from entering and exiting the building. To do this, we ensured that all works were carried out after office hours during the Easter break, helping to make sure that business could carry on as usual for our clients and causing as little disruption as possible.

If you are looking to renovate the exterior of your business premises, you can contact Maintainabuild on 020 7231 7778 to discuss your requirements. No matter how big or small the job is, it is always our priority to keep the outside of your office properties safe and accessible at all times.

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